Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Testers think the workdone meets the Mission?

A Tester will think as an End user while testing the Product
A Tester will Tests the product from all perspective way of occurring bugs
A Tester can use his skills and experience to reduce the bugs as minimum as possible
A Tester concentrates more on Product and thinks in which way it is useful for the customer beneficially
A Tester can thinks on both sides as a customer and stakeholder perspective side

who make sure the feature/product quality meets the expectations of customers buying the product
who also have a good understanding of customers and their needs and pain points
who get to use the product soon after it is built and hence, get to experience the joy as well as pain of having to do so

Normally in all the organizations After developing the product and give to the Testers to Test, the managers will inform to the Testers that our organization name and product has depends on Testers.

"The more Bugs Testers has found Good product Can deliver to the Users"

Some people will tell that Testing Job is very easy anybody can do it, but I am aware of that point, I think The Testing job is Great job, testing the product which people are using in daily expenses is Great

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