Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Case Study for Boundary TestCase Generator

Here I am going to explain simple case study for BVA++, to easy understand we can take our Case Study itself, about the employees

Age: 24-54

Salary: 8000-20000

Employee Type :{ Tester, Developer, Manager}

Normally the Boundary value testing is used for single data validation with seven values like Min-1,Min,Min+1,Mid,Max-1,Max,Max+1, In this Boundary TestCase Generator we can generate multiple interactions of different fields range.


For Age the boundary values are 23,24,25,39,53,54,55

For Salary the boundary values are 7999, 8000,8001,14000,19999,20000,20001

For Employee the possibilities are Tester, Developer, Manager


From the above example minValue of Age 24 can interact with maxValue of Salary 20000

If For single Data validation the minvalue of Age 24 will pass and there is a chance of occurring the bug when this minvalue is interacts with another Maxvalue or Max+1 value


Max Value of Age 54+ Mid Value of Salary 14000+Manager

Like above TestCases we can write multiple interactions.

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Eating our own Dog Food

Recently in our company, we have selected fifteen Testers to test the six Design Tools in, for each Tester they should get two Tools to test on that time we have eaten our own Dog Food, It means we have used our subset combination Generator to select two tools from six tools.

In the generated results, we got fifteen pairs of tools from the fifteen pairs we have given each pair to single Tester, see how easy it becomes to generate fifteen pairs, if we do manually how much time and effort will be waste, we are the Testers we should not waste the time we should think differently and save the time, effort find more bugs as soon as possible.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Testing communities and Blogs are useful for Entry Testers

The entry Testers should feel great comparing to old generation testers, In those days there is no any guidance to the testers
How to proceed and find more bugs as soon as possible
No Tools
Motivation and Inspiration is less

These are less Examples If I continue like this to tell there are so many examples

After coming the Testing communities and Testers blog the change has happened in testing field which I have absorbed, the entry people in software field are getting good suggestions through this communities and blogs

I think almost the people are learning and getting knowledge in software testing through the communities and blogs itself, I am one of them
The Blogs and communities which I am following are
Blog :

Earlier I am reading others Testers blogs, Recently I have created my own blog and giving suggestions to the Entry Testers which I have got recently from the blogs which I am following

I am gratefully thanks to Mr. Ashwin palaparthi C.E.O and founder of Valueminds for giving suggestion to create the blog and helpful to the testers
If you are having any comments about my blogs, you are free to mail me or you can put comments in blog itself

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Monday, March 30, 2009 video

Advantages of SEED Value

HI Before going into the explanation of seed value I have to say how the testers faced the problems with out using the seed values

Here a small example is my friend

He is a tester in one of the company, he collected some data to test one of the application module after testing is over, he moves to another module, at that time he thinks that he has to do the testing by combining the old data with new data, if he did not saves that data he has to prepare again or if he saves no problem but its take time and takes more memory to save all data of modules, he faces some problems while using that old data

BY this you got some idea what is the use of seed value, any way I can give clear information about this in detail

A seed is a significant number on which most Random Data Generation Algorithms base upon. Software Testing benefits from seed values from the fact that they allow re-creation of old random data exactly in the same manner when needed.

Let us say a tool in that provides random data along with a seed was used to generate 100 values. For the sake of understanding a seed, let us say the 67th value from the generated 100 values has detected a bug in the application under test. Some time later, when there is a new build on which you need to test with both newly created random data and old data which detected a bug; there are two choices- either store the old data somewhere and reuse it or just provide the old seed value and recreate exactly the same data again from

As a good practice, it might be worthwhile to store the seed values from the generated random data instead of storing the random data itself (which may eventually lead to a large un-maintainable repository).
There might be some disadvantages also, frankly speaking I don’t know the disadvantages, if anybody knows please post the comments or otherwise you can send to my mail

Friday, March 27, 2009

Difference between Binary data and Normal data

Here I am sharing some simple things with you about this binary data and Normal data
How to Download,Save and Run the Data?
All the people knows How to save and run the normal data, its very simple Download,Save and double click or run the saved file we get the data But its entirely different In Binary data,here we will get the Zipfile in that give the right click and Extracting the Zipfile to save and run it will give one folder in that double click on saved file we will get the data

I think so many people don’t know about this including me,The people who are using or not using the please go through it This type of procedure can occur in Size based file Generator

"A Tester should have the curiosity to know every thing" -G.suresh

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smoke Testing=Sanity Testing

Despite of hundreds of web articles on smoke and sanity Testing, The people have confusion on it
I think there is no any difference between these two, both are used for verification purpose some people will say sanity can used when the new build is ready to test, here the job is to test whether the requirements are build for the project and smoke is used at the middle, end stage to check whether the Requirements are build for the project or not

I found only the spelling mistake between these Two

It depends upon the work place the people will show the difference, in my place there is no any difference

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Testers think the workdone meets the Mission?

A Tester will think as an End user while testing the Product
A Tester will Tests the product from all perspective way of occurring bugs
A Tester can use his skills and experience to reduce the bugs as minimum as possible
A Tester concentrates more on Product and thinks in which way it is useful for the customer beneficially
A Tester can thinks on both sides as a customer and stakeholder perspective side

who make sure the feature/product quality meets the expectations of customers buying the product
who also have a good understanding of customers and their needs and pain points
who get to use the product soon after it is built and hence, get to experience the joy as well as pain of having to do so

Normally in all the organizations After developing the product and give to the Testers to Test, the managers will inform to the Testers that our organization name and product has depends on Testers.

"The more Bugs Testers has found Good product Can deliver to the Users"

Some people will tell that Testing Job is very easy anybody can do it, but I am aware of that point, I think The Testing job is Great job, testing the product which people are using in daily expenses is Great is an online assistant for software testers.
This online tool platform provides a variety of tools and utilities to help improve test engineering efforts including software test case documentation, software test case reduction, software test
data preparation, and many other uncategorized software test functions. provides a new type of satisfaction to software testers by serving as a complementary tool to all existing tools as well as provides a singular online platform for software test design, software test documentation, and software test data is building innovative tools that do smarter test engineering and reduce testing costs.

This platform has won HYSEA’s Best Innovation of the Year Award and is nominated for TATA’s Hottest Startups contest. With its innovative tools that can help do the challenging job of testing more effective in regards to time, efficiency, and money, TestersDesk could be considered by software testers as a useful tool to take into account.

To understand better about I can demonstrate one Tool which we have developed in
In common Testcase Generator Tool there is a sub tool called Quantified String Generator, This tool is used to check the length of text fields and text areas, to do that work as a manual it’s difficult and it takes time and some times we can miss some characters, but our tool can do that work in seconds of time and giving valuable data

Generates a string that quantifies itself by indicating its length at any given position.

Such strings are highly useful in testing the lengths of text fields and text areas. Knowing the length of the string from itself has proven to be the quickest way to determine the field length related aspects.

For example, in the string 2$4$6$8$11$14$17$20$ the character $ is just being used as a separator (some other character can be chosen in its place if needed) and the numbers indicate the position of the next separator character. So ...14$ means it is the 14th character (and just a ...14 with no $ next to it would mean 13 characters).

Good Days Came For Software Testers

Hi We have seen the Test Execution and Defect Tracking Tools for Execution and Bug Reporting purpose But there is no any Test Design and Test Data Generation tools for Software Testers to reduce the Effort and Time for Collecting the Bulk of Data, Here the ValueMinds has introduced a Software Testing Product For Test Design and Test Data Generation Toolkits, In early one year back the software Testers are suffering with Test Design and Test Data Generation for collecting the bulk of Data manually, It is too difficult for the Testers, To Reduce that work Time and improving the productivity we are introducing this