Sunday, April 5, 2009

Testing communities and Blogs are useful for Entry Testers

The entry Testers should feel great comparing to old generation testers, In those days there is no any guidance to the testers
How to proceed and find more bugs as soon as possible
No Tools
Motivation and Inspiration is less

These are less Examples If I continue like this to tell there are so many examples

After coming the Testing communities and Testers blog the change has happened in testing field which I have absorbed, the entry people in software field are getting good suggestions through this communities and blogs

I think almost the people are learning and getting knowledge in software testing through the communities and blogs itself, I am one of them
The Blogs and communities which I am following are
Blog :

Earlier I am reading others Testers blogs, Recently I have created my own blog and giving suggestions to the Entry Testers which I have got recently from the blogs which I am following

I am gratefully thanks to Mr. Ashwin palaparthi C.E.O and founder of Valueminds for giving suggestion to create the blog and helpful to the testers
If you are having any comments about my blogs, you are free to mail me or you can put comments in blog itself

Thank u, Have a nice Day

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