Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Case Study for Boundary TestCase Generator

Here I am going to explain simple case study for BVA++, to easy understand we can take our Case Study itself, about the employees

Age: 24-54

Salary: 8000-20000

Employee Type :{ Tester, Developer, Manager}

Normally the Boundary value testing is used for single data validation with seven values like Min-1,Min,Min+1,Mid,Max-1,Max,Max+1, In this Boundary TestCase Generator we can generate multiple interactions of different fields range.


For Age the boundary values are 23,24,25,39,53,54,55

For Salary the boundary values are 7999, 8000,8001,14000,19999,20000,20001

For Employee the possibilities are Tester, Developer, Manager


From the above example minValue of Age 24 can interact with maxValue of Salary 20000

If For single Data validation the minvalue of Age 24 will pass and there is a chance of occurring the bug when this minvalue is interacts with another Maxvalue or Max+1 value


Max Value of Age 54+ Mid Value of Salary 14000+Manager

Like above TestCases we can write multiple interactions.

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